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«It is said, 

mothers have their own beauty,

but do not take my

word for it, take me rather

by the hand, will you be so brave

to come a little closer?»


Virgin Mary's story of suffering, Stabat Mater, has throughout art history been portrayed by male artists through literature, music, paintings and sculptures. When author / playwright Linda Gabrielsen writes the modern Stabat Mater, she tells a story from Mary's perspective - from her human relationship to herself and her child.


Is it a murder or a profound act of love by a mother to sacrifice her own child - for a whole world? In Tze Yeung Ho, Maja Linderoth and Linda Gabrielsen's brand new recomposition and retelling of Pergolesi's Stabat Mater, Maria's story of suffering is brought to life through text, music and theatrical elements.


Text: Linda Gabrielsen

Music: Tze Yeung Ho, Maja Linderoth, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi


Sean Bell, countertenor

Marie van Luijk, soprano

NyNorsk Brass Quintet

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