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In Latin America, the political right wing is the north wind, with its gusts – from the rich world, USA. Today, strong political winds are blowing from all sides, north and south, east and west. The continent is in revolt. Bolivia. Chile. Venezuela. Poor versus rich. Indigenous peoples versus urban peoples. Evangelical Christians. Oligar vessels. Cocaine. Popular movements and constitutional coups.

At the same time and at all times: The cultural richness plays out all over the continent, within literature, music, rhythms, song and music. This colorful diversity, Canciones de cobre will convey some of, in interplay between words and tones, in the time of the new uprising.

Canciones de cobre is a show with bandoneon, brass quintet and storyteller with new compositions by Per Arne Glorvigen and lyrics by Kjartan Fløgstad.



Kjartan Fløgstad, author and narrator

Per Arne Glorvigen, composer and bandoneon

NyNorsk Brass Quintet

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