Tora Augestad and NyNorsk Messingkvintett present completely new lyrics by Ole Paus in a burlesque concert program with new compositions by Marcus Paus and Daniel Kjellesvik. read more

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In Latin America, the right wing is the north wind, with gusts from above, from the Rich World, USA. Canciones de cobre is a concert performance for bandoneon, brass quintet and storyteller with new compositions by Per Arne Glorvigen and new lyrics by Kjartan Fløgstad. read more

I'm a Frog is a childrens concert show based on Kurt Johannessen's children's book of the same title. Through music and play, pyjamas-dressed musicians recreate Johannessen's surreal dream world, and as in the book, the action is almost imperceptibly turned into a magical world where anything can happen. read more


The corona crisis affects us with social distancing. An important theme in multiMORF V and VI is to examine what these premises do with music and the visual arts, with the interaction between the performers and the artists, and the effects on us as a society. read more