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Canciones de Cobre

A tribute to the Latin American continent with Kjartan Fløgstad and Per Arne Glorvigen

Vannvogna Concert & Art Hall  |  Sunday 26 September – 6 p.m.

With words and tones, dramatic stories are told about miners who are locked up, refugees who drown trying to reach the United States, about the building of walls and about rebellion.

Canciones de cobre is a concert performance for bandoneon, brass quintet and narrator with new music by Per Arne Glorvigen and new texts by Kjartan Fløgstad. With them on stage they NyNorsk Brass Quintet, which contributes deep brass tones, shrill tropical trumpet and fierce dance rhythms. Expect a captivating musical tribute to the folk culture and everyday heroes of the Latin American continent.

The cultural wealth plays out across the entire Latin American continent, be it literature, music, rhythms, song and music. At the same time, it is a continent marked by conflict and contrasts, be it rebellions in Bolivia, Chile and Venezuela. Poor versus rich. Indigenous people against urban people. Evangelical Christians. Oligarchs. Cocaine. Popular movements and constitutional coups.

The facets of this contrasting continent, Canciones de cobre will convey a selection of - in close interaction between words and tones, in the time of the new rebellion.

The performance is financed through support from the Cultural Council and the Norwegian Composers Fund. 

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