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I am a frog is based on Kurt Johannessen's book I am a frog (2007) and Det. (2010.) Kristin Bolstad has composet music for brass quintet, countertenor and puppet theater, Tormod Fuglestad has directed, and Ingunn Myrland created the puppet theater.


Through music and play, pajamas dressed musicians recreate Johannessen's surreal dream world, and as in the book, the action is almost imperceptibly turned into a magical world where anything can happen. While the countertenor sings the poem about the frog, the musicians in the brass quintet play with figures of felt and improvise new action patterns that unfold as parallel layers. The musicians also invite the children on stage to help create new stories in the puppet theater.


The music emphasizes the absurd-comic plot with repeated quacking frog rhythms. At the same time, a contrasst occur: low-pitched and beautiful music gives the countertenor room to sing gently and emotionally about being a frog. As the supporting characters take up more space in the action, details such as wind sounds and fly tying also find a place in the soundscape.


Sean Bell, countertenor

NyNorsk Brass Quintet

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