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multiMORF SmalPrat_illustrasjon.jpg

MULTIMORF remix is ​​about acoustic sounds recorded and transformed - morphed - through electroacoustic sound, lighting design and video. The project is a further development of Knut Vaage's multiMORF series, where he and sound designer Thorolf Thuestad developes a hybrid acoustic / electronic sound image by expanding the range of sounds of the instruments through extensive use of electronics. NyNorsk Brass Quintet wants to go deeper into this universe, and develop Vaage and Thuestad's ideas further.


The corona crisis affects us with distance and social distancing. An important theme in multiMORF V and VI is to examine what these premises do with music and the visual arts, the interactions between the performers and the artists, and what the situation does with us as a society. For Dembacke, social distancing is synonymous with a lot of waiting – conveyed by the visual design through windows, glass, plexiglass, reflections and play of light.



Knut Vaage, composer

Evelina Dembacke, video design

NyNorsk Brass Quintet

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