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NyNorskMessingkvintett and Tora Augestad celebrate Ole Paus' 75th anniversary with a bunch of well-known and beloved Paus texts - in a completely new musical guise. 


On 9 February 2022, the beloved folk singer - all of Norway's Ole Paus - turned 75!

As a tribute to his father, Marcus Paus, one of Norway's most used and popular composers, wrote a new work based on a selection of song lyrics by Ole Paus. Marcus Paus will here interpret and set his father's lyrics anew, so that they appear in a completely new musical wrapping.


In addition to the new work, NyNorsk Brass Quintet and Tora Augestad will also perform Marcus Paus' work "Ingenting forsvinner" from 2019. Here, Ole Paus has written new lyrics to music by Marcus Paus. Marcus Paus describes the work as "equal parts epitaph, confession, prayer and threat.



Tora Augestad, mezzo-soprano 


Ole Paus, lyrics

Marcus Paus, composer 

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