Tora Augestad and NyNorsk MBrass Quintet present completely new lyrics by Ole Paus in a burlesque concert program with new music by Marcus Paus and Daniel Kjellesvik.


Marcus Paus' work "Nothing Disappears," with new texts by Ole Paus, is equal parts epitaph, confession, prayer and threat.
Daniel Kjellesvik's work "It's over" deals with several of Ole Paus' famous songs, including Damen i dalen, Merkelige Mira and Bror. By inserting these lyrics into a musical landscape that ranges from free-tonal contemporary music to baroque and opera, it opens up completely new spaces for interpretation.

From sacred brass hymns to vulgar cabaret music, from humorous recitatives to dark and serious vocals. Experience Tora Augestad and NyNorsk Brass Quintet convey Ole Paus' lyrics like you have never heard them before!



Tora Augestad, mezzo-soprano

NyNorsk Brass Quintet

Ole Paus, lyricist

Marcus Paus, composer

Daniel Weiseth Kjellesvik, composer